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The Martian

The Martian”, a book by Andy Weir about an astronaut, Mark Watney, stranded on the planet Mars when his crewmates leave him for dead in an abort due to a savage sandstorm.

I enjoyed this novel a lot. Weir makes Watney an entertaining character. He’s a potty-mouthed, smart-assed, good-natured, optimist who refuses to give up. The science is as hard as it gets, and is actually exciting at times, when things blow up, roll over, or pop.

And now it is being turned into a movie.

I am very skeptical this movie would, or could, be faithful to the book. Which is a shame. But the first non-teaser trailer came out this weekend, and I recognize almost everything in it as being in the book. So maybe, just maybe, this movie will be good. Maybe great.

The teaser trailer:

The official trailer:

And another “First Look” thing:

A couple of random thoughts about this:

  • They can’t put everything in the book in the movie, there just isn’t time for that. Hopefully, when the science explanations are stripped out, the book gets short enough that enough of it stays in the movie to make it a faithful re-telling.

  • I’ve re-read the book a few times now, and I find myself way more interested in the Earth side of the book. Maybe because I only need the science and solutions Watney comes up with explained to me once. Also maybe because Watney is so involved in what he’s doing, the sense of wonder and amazement is better communicated by Mindy, Venkat, and the rest.

  • Real Chicagoans do not to to Geno’s for pizza. It’s a tourist trap.

  • Chiwetel Ejiofor, a Brit of Nigerian decent, was cast as Venkat Kapoor, an Indian. In my mind, while reading, Venkat sounded to me like a US native of Indian descent. We never really get this verified, tho at one point Venkat does say he’s Hindu. Still, this casting choice seems odd to me.

Anyway. Here’s hoping. Movies have been scarce and have mostly sucked, the last two years.

Updated: Changed videos to new “official” trailers.