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New WASD Keyboard

The new keyboard:

Black keyboard with blue alpha keys

I had a WASD Code keyboard on my work computer. Then one day I poured a glass of water into it. Despite knowing for sure that water should’t hurt a keyboard, I dried it out over time, and plugged it back in. It worked, but was wonky. The backlight never worked again. Sometimes, it got confused and keys wouldn’t work or would repeat until it was unplugged.

I replaced it with a DasKeyboard Model S Pro for Mac.

Long story short: I hate that keyboard. My hate was pretty much instant when I first started typing on it. This surprised me, because I have a Das 4 Pro for Mac on my personal machine and I love it.

The S Pro is plastic where the 4 Pro is metal. I don’t think this should be a problem. The old WASD was plastic too. One of the first things I noticed tho, is that it seems like the keys don’t stick up out of the S Pro as high as they do out of the 4 Pro.

So I went looking for a replacement.

I’m totally into mechanical keyboards these days, but mechanical keyboards that work well with Macs are not as easy to find as they could be. Not that a Mac can’t use any old keyboard. It can. Non-Mac keyboards have the option and meta (command) keys in the wrong place and that’s really annoying to someone that’s been using the correct layout since 1986 or so. The original WASD I had had dip switches to switch them between the two formats.

I can’t tell you what the research process was, because I did a lot of looking over a lot of time. In the end, I decided not to go with another Das 4 Pro because while I like it overall, I don’t like that it doesn’t have as much slope to it as I’m used to.

In some of my searches lead me back to WASD keyboards. Again, I’m not sure how or why. But not the CODE keyboard I’m replacing. That keyboard was high-profile and I like a little bit more rake to the keys. One of my searches led to the WASD Mac Retro by Deep Creative 104-key V3 Custom. Yes, it looks like a regular WASD 104-key V3 keyboard, but it has Mac symbols on the keys, and it costs the same. So what the hell, I went for it.

WASD lets you customize the keyboards, and I really like the dark blue on black color scheme. I like Cherry MX Blue keys, which feel nice to type on but can be loud as hell. I also had them put rubber rings on the keys to make them quieter. Oddly, I like the effect of the rings on the alpha keys, but not as much on the control keys like Enter, which have a much different feel.