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Seth McFarland's "The Orville"

I’ve talked about Seth McFarlane’s “The Orville” before. On Twitter maybe. Or Facebook for that brief time I was back on it. I thought I posted about it here, but can’t find it if I did.

I watched the first two seasons of it… on some streaming service.

IMHO, it is the one true spiritual successor of the original Star Trek. The Orville is far more of what ST:TOS was than any of the successor Star Trek shows. Next Gen, DS 9, Voyager, Enterprise, none of them ever lived up to the original series.

Let’s not talk about the idiocy that is Star Trek: Discovery. “Oh boo hoo, this spore drive thing needs a giant water bear to operate but the water bear gets hurt by it.” Should have been called Star Trek: Trite. I didn’t make it thru the first season, and have no desire to try again.

Anyway, The Orville started as a completely comedy series, but elevated itself into pretty serious speculative fiction pretty quickly. The season 1 episode “Majority Rule”, about an absolute democracy, was dark as hell.

The Orville had two seasons on Fox. Season three has just been announced:

Can’t wait.