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The Other Zoom in My Life

The car went into the shop. Just got it back.

Audis want periodic maintenance every 10,000 miles starting at 5,000. It had its 145,000 mile checkup early last year. It’s only at 148,000 now, but it’s been a year, and it was bugging me with messages on the dash about it. At the very least, it needed an oil change.

But I also had a list of other things I wanted done to it.

The brakes were squealing, REALLY LOUDLY, the first two stops after it has sat for more than one day. I didn’t think it was down to the squealers in the break pads, but it was so loud it was kinda embarrassing1.

It needed to be aligned, it was pulling right a little bit. The battery is 5 years old, so I had them give me a new one. While they had it up on the lift to look at the breaks I had them rotate the tires.

They basically did a normal 10,000 mile checkup. They also did filters and fluids2. I had them replace the batteries in the key fobs, since one of them was dead. And it was time for brake fluid, which was the most expensive single item on the list.

I dropped the car off on Wednesay morning. They called me that afternoon to get the go-ahead on the work. They tried to sell me on doing a complete brake pad replacement, but I declined.

The dude called me at 5:56 Thursday to tell me my car was done. The service department closed just 4 minutes later. I picked it up on Friday afternoon.

They forgot to replace the batteries in the key fobs, so I’ll have to do that myself.

  1. When you come to a complete, full-squeal, stop and the joggers all turn to look at you, you kinda feel like you’re driving some clapped-out jalopy. 

  2. I own a bottle of windshield washer fluid. Have for 4 or 5 years. It is still unopened.