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I Told My Boss To Call Me

“Joe’s Bar and Grill. If you’re his wife he ain’t here.”

“Hi! I need tables for 6, at about 9 tonight for dinner and drinks.”

“Tables. Are the people in your party friends? Should the tables be close together or is there a minimum separation distance you need?”

“We’ll be packing, but we’re all terrible shots. Keep them together.”

“How many people per table?”

“We’ll need 6 tables, one per person, but each person will bring a hostage with them to use as a shield.”

“Do you mind a room in the back to keep the collateral damage to a minimum? Or are you sending a message?”

“A room in the back is fine, thanks.”

“Will there be one check, or multiple checks?”

“Multiple checks. We will cover all checks of anyone that is too dead to pay their bill at the end of the evening.”

“That is appreciated, sir. Okay, I have a private room with 6 2-toppers for 9pm tonight. There will be a 18% gratuity added since technically this is a party of more than 8 people. We’ll probably put you in the “OG” room.”

“Perfect! Thank you, see you tonight.”

“Have a pleasant day sir.”