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Site Migration 2022 Version

I’ve posted before about being all in on Cloudflare.

Today I “cut over” to Cloudflare Pages, getting off of Github Pages. There’s nothing wrong with Github Pages, I just wanted to try this new thing. I’m still building it with Jekyll. But now I have to configure Ruby gems as part of the site.

The old site used a slightly modified version of Jekyll’s default Minima theme. New site uses a hacked-up version of the Lanyon theme.

Dark themes have become a thing because screens are getting so bright that a big, pure-white, web page is eye-searing. The old site was a “light” theme. The new site uses dark version of the Solarized theme. This theme may have more color science behind it than any other. I agree it is… green.

I’ve gone with a dark version of the theme, with the sliding menu using the complimentary light version. I may switch the whole site to the lighter version, or figure out how to allow users to choose. Still haven’t decided the final state of this.

Switched to using system fonts. This was fascinating to me. There is a fairly serious amount of typographic work that goes into making operating systems look good in a brand-forward way. Using the results of that work is not a bad plan. This site will look a little different on different browsers, because there’s no way on macOS to directly use Apple’s new system font “San Fransisco”. There is a new-ish standard for a way to access system fonts in browsers, but support is still being worked out.

The site has commenting now. The Movable Type and WordPress versions used to allow commenting, and there it was used. So I’ve got it again. Sadly, nobody knows this site exists any more. Probably won’t be a hugely used feature. Commenting requires a login on Github to enable. Those rare people that do find this site might find this to be another hurdle commenting. But past versions of the site did have comments, and it was good.

I’ve collected some things that were on previous versions of the site, but haven’t been recently, and will restore them. Humor archives and some stuff I find entertaining.

There are, as well as I can recall, 5 previous versions of

  1. Site coded by hand, and then Dreamweaver. Served by a shared hosting system

    2001 - 2002: These pages still exist, and I keep them around as a curiosity. They come from my days at RiverSoft, when I travelled for a living and sometimes committed information technology work.

  2. Movable Type, served by that same shared hosting system

    2003 - 2009: Also still mostly exist, and forms most of the content on this site. Did a lot of blogging during this time. Experienced a lot and wrote about much of it.

  3. Written in WordPress, served by that same shared hosting system

    2009 - 2014: Lost. Nothing wrong with WordPress, per se, but the site was hacked to serve porn pretty frequently, and I didn’t want to deal with keeping up with it.

  4. Migrated to SquareSpace

    2014 - 2015: SquareSpace is a fantastic site if you’re trying to sell something. Complete shit for a non-photographic blog like this one.

  5. Migrated to Github Pages

    2015 - yesterday: This was easy, and I was getting into git and Github. This seemed like a way to learn both by way of Jekyll and static site generation.

  6. Now, migrated to Cloudflare Pages.

We shall see how this works out. Coding the site has been fun, and that work continues as I enhance it and import the old content. I’ve written some things recently. Might do more.