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Dubya in Hindsight

While going over the site I’m re-reading things I wrote long ago. This one caught my eye.

One of the things I said:

well… What can I say. Dubya is a dickhead, but we gave him the power with our fucked-up electoral process. He can use that power for good or evil as he sees fit, though it is obvious that he isn’t fit to wield that power. That power is his to use until we remove him.

I mellowed on Dubya after I wrote this. Yes, I was angry about his shortcomings. I still am to some extent. But as the books came out after he and his administration left office, I found some measure of respect for him. That was during the Obama administration.

Now that we’ve had a traitor in word and deed in the oval office, well, Dubya doesn’t stack up so bad. My view of Dubya these days is he was a conservative guy, surrounded by even more conservative elements with agendas.

There still no way I’d vote for him. But I’d shake his hand if I met him.