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Daylight Saving Crime

We switched to daylight savings time last weekend. I get screwed up by the change for two or three weeks.

I don’t know when to make dinner now. Two weeks ago, I did it when it started to get dark. Now, it is 7:30 and still light out, and I should have started dinner an hour ago. Eating too late disrupts sleep.

Yes, as spring progresses into summer it’ll get dark later and later, but a gradual change is easier to make.

It was better when DST changed later in the year, the last weekend of April. By then dinner time is far enough after sunset that switching to DST didn’t screw me up.

I think daylight saving time need to be stopped. But I think it needs to stay non-daylight saving time, so that mornings get light when people are waking up, not some time after they get to work.