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Munged.Org Where Wookie waxes loquatious, because he can.


Who Am I?

My nickname is Wookie. It is a college nickname, the details are long and boring. It is what most people call me, outside of family.

Other than that, I’m just a guy with a blog.

What Is Going On Here?

This is just a place to type words that show up (sometimes) where everyone in the world can see them. Anything could show up here: personal observations, opinions, incoherent swearing, links to stuff I find interesting, or whatever.

“Incoherent Swearing”?

I’m a potty-mouth. I have opinions. Sometimes, those two things collide in my brain and the results show up here.

Must Read:

If you don’t think you should read this, you are part of the problem. Read it. Know it. Leave me alone.