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Munged.Org Where Wookie waxes loquatious, because he can.

The Rules

I shouldn’t need to say any of this, but there’s something wrong with way too many people these days, so here we go:

What this site is and isn’t:

This site is mine. The choice of content to put on this site is mine. I do not, and will not, consider anyone’s views, beliefs, mores, or desires when I make choices of content to put on this site.

I like stuff that will offend you, no matter who you are. I don’t care what you think of any of it. This site is not posted for the common good, and contains no essential information that can not be found elsewhere, so there is no reason why you should ever look at this site if you find it offensive.

All the content on this site represents either my sense of humor, my sense of curiosity, or my sense of wonder.

Some of the content of this site represents my views. Some does not. I don’t have to and may not chose to indicate which is which, because in a civil, mature, adult society, I shouldn’t have to. If you can’t tell the difference, then stop reading this site.

It doesn’t represent the views of anyone else, either; not my employer, not my family, and certainly not you.

All the material I put on this site is presented with heart-felt sincerity. However, some of that material will be wrong or even dangerous. You must take responsibility for yourself. That means independently verifying anything on this site you read. I am not responsible for the results of your actions. If you get yourself offended, hurt, killed, or suffer any of the other millions of sub-optimal results of stupidity, it is entirely your fault.

The Rules:

You MAY NOT VISIT THIS SITE or any pages linked to from this site. This site is for my use, and my use only. If you read something here, and it turns out you’re offended, that’s you own damn fault, and you alone will have to deal with it yourself.

You may not link to any page of this site except by linking to the entire page. You may not present any part of this site in a frame or “sub-view” of another site without my express, written (on paper), permission.

You may not link <img> tags, or any other tags, such that my site is supplying content for pages with a URL not on this site. Some of this site is protected from this, but evidence that a part of the site is not so protected is not to be construed as permission.

If you do view any content on this site, even if you do it only once, you do so at your own risk, and you agree to give up all claims and rights, legal or otherwise, against me or anyone associated with this site.


You have none. Not from your neighbors. Not from your employer. Not from your government. Not from anyone. So don’t expect any from me.

Having said that, I will also say that at the time of this writing, I am not actively collecting any information beyond logs supplied by the web server. However, it is still up to you not to allow me access to any information you wouldn’t want me to have. Anything you send me, can/will be used against you.

Because this site is served by Cloudflare Pages, you also are probably giving some information to them. I don’t know or care what they collect. Read Cloudflare’s privacy policy for information on what they may or may not being up to.

I occasionally embed content from other sites on my pages. Those sites have privacy policies too. If you care, it is your responsibility to go read them yourself. I don’t care.


So there.

If you would like to discuss any of this, you can contact me and have a nice, calm, conversation about it.