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Review: The Road to Sesame Street

We watched The Road To Sesame Street on HBO MAX tonight, while waiting for the new year. It was like reliving our childhoods.

It was well done, and told the story in an engaging way. They discussed the death of Will Lee, who played Mr. Hooper, and even showed the segment they did to talk about death. This was a landmark thing.

It destroyed both of us. When it was over, we had to pause the video, and go get drinks. Catch our breaths. Blow our noses. All the while muttering about “those fuckers…”

The death of Jim Henson was covered too, but Sesame Street itself didn’t deal with it.

It was good, and we’re glad we watched it.

SFP+ modules have A Speed

Question answered. No, I don’t expect many to understand this. I don’t care. You can look it up if you want, but it won’t be interesting, unless you are a networking wonk. If you are a network wonk, then you probably already knew this.

Copper RJ45 SFP modules have A Speed.

Put a 10G SFP+ module into an SFP+ cage, and it will not connect to your router that can only do 1G.

Put a 1G SFP module into an SFP+ cage, and it will work, and connect to your router than can only do 1G.

Lesson learned.

A Good Summary of Desktop Linux

Ubuntu 10.04 came out yesterday. It’s probably the best desktop Linux distro out there, which is about as prestigious as being the best Yugoslavian car company.

From “Ubuntu Annoyances” by Geoff Greer 30 Apr 2010.

Admittedly, this post is over 10 years out of date now.

You have to have lived thru the age when the Yugo, “the worse car in history”, and Yugoslavia, where it was made, were both still things.

I did live thru those times, and I find this quote funny. I find the state of desktop Linux to be unchanged even a little bit since 2010.

Happy Thanksgiving -- 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Review: Jungle Cruise (2021)

Didn’t like it.

Who knew Emily Blunt could play such an unlikable character. Who knew Dwayne Johnson could be so unbelievable as a steamboat captain. Who knew Jesse Plemons could be such an unthreatening villain. Jack Whitehall did his best as an English fop, but just couldn’t make it work when dropped into the middle of the rest of the cast. Who knew Disney could CGI up such an unconvincing jaguar.

The secondary characters were all much better. Paul Giamati turned in his normal high-quality performance in his role. As did Édgar Ramirez and the rest of the bad guys. I liked the touch of making (most) of the Spanish conquistadors actually played by Spanish actors. Nice touch that.

The story and plot were crap.

Look, I realize this is a kids movie. But that’s a bad reason to make a shitty movie.


It is 27 degrees fahrenheit where I am in North Carolina.

Feels like winter.

Review: Old Henry (2021)

Starts slow. Pretty good once things pick up. Has an interesting twist at the end.

Review: Red Notice (2021)

Not a good movie.

I wanted to like it. Who doesn’t like Ryan Renolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot? But I couldn’t.

For starters, the CGI looked startlingly fake. I mean, this was supposedly the most expensive movie that Netflix has picked up at $200 Million. But this is a legitimate “where did they spend that money?” movie. If they actually did spend the money on CGI, they got ripped off.

The story is lame. It didn’t have to be. But it is. All the story beats where telegraphed way ahead of time, and the leads did not work very hard to sell any of their parts.

It was just kind of a mediocre plod, all the way thru.

Rah Rah Rah!!!

Got a COVID booster shot today. My doctor was so worried that I get one that she gave me a prescription for a Moderna shot. Sadly, I didn’t get around to using it before everyone was just generally eligible. That I had a prescription still makes me smile.

“Are you eligible for a booster?”

“Doesn’t matter, I have a prescription!”

I got the original two Moderna shots on a Thursday. That night, and all day Friday my arm was really sore around the injection site. Then Saturday and Sunday I was so fatigued I could hardly get out of bed. I was back to normal on Monday again.

This time, it’s Friday. So far, nothing at all, but it’s still early. We shall see.

Saturday Update: My arm hurts.

An Obligatory Halloween Post

A day late for actual Halloween, but whatever.

This popped up in my YouTube recommended list today, and I find it a little bit mesmerizing. Probably because of the stark, bold, colors, and the singers really sell the act.

These guys are a 10-year-old band, with no Wikipedia page. They’re from Vigo, Spain, so maybe just no page in English. They are a 7-person band, a 3 piece with 4 women singers. Their covers are hard rock-ish.

A couple of web sites say Broken Peach came to larger notice with their version of “This is Halloween”. It’s a good video. As is their cover of Abba’s “Mama Mia”.

There is a theme here. The singers are lined up on front, with the guitar, drummer, and bassist behind them. They do costumes and makeup. But it’s all competently executed, and I’ve enjoyed watching them.

2022 Audi A4 -- A Review

When the car was in the shop, I got a loaner1 to drive while they were working on my baby. Those loaner cars don’t have a lot of “boxes checked” in the features list. But Audi still saw fit to spend their own money on the Audi Rings Projector feature. Which is pretty much the silliest, most worthless, feature any car can have.

TL;DR: I hated this car:

  • Impossible to get in and out of it.
  • So-called “driver assistance” that you can’t turn off.
  • The warning screens on the screen never went away on their own.
  • Speedometer in the “Virtual Cockpit” was a dial about the size of a large watch, with no speed markings, just the number in the middle.
  • I wish I could get used to auto engine start-stop, but I can’t and find it annoying and distracting.

Which isn’t to say the 2022 A4 isn’t a nice car. I should state that before I get into why this ins’t a car and feature list I’ll ever buy. Once I found a way to get into the damn thing, it drove well enough. Stopped well enough. Rode well enough. The seat was comfortable, even tho I think it was the sport seat. The A/C controls are still buttons and knobs you can feel around for without having to look at them.

If I don’t have a rant about where automakers put the “B” pillars2 in cars these days, I really should. Even if I wasn’t fat as hell and was just tall I wouldn’t be able to get in and out of most modern cars. I couldn’t move the steering wheel far enough out of the way to get in and out with any grace at all.

I guess my main complaint about the So-Called Drivers Assistance is just how distracting it was. I found myself looking at the dash every time it showed me getting close to a lane marker. Not sure how constantly distracting the driver is supposed to help make things safer. I never found a way to turn it off completely, or for more than just until the car was turned off. I never found a way to make it take up less of the driver’s display either.

The lane keeping feature actually fought with me. I started a lane change and the car turned the wheel the other way, causing me to lose my grip. It took a good amount of force to make it change lanes. I learned after a while that signaling the lane change told the car it was okay to drift over the middle line. But until I did it could be a fight. I feel no need to signal a lane change to cars a mile ahead or behind me, and I certainly feel no need to signal to the fucking car that I’m changing lanes. Forntuately, you don’t have to buy this feature. And I won’t.

When the car was started, it came up with a “Privacy Notice” on the display screen, and if it goes away on it’s own it doesn’t inside of 10 minutes. Again, distracting.

I wish I could like the automatic stop-start of the engine when at a full stop at traffic lights and stop signs. Cars start up pretty easily these days, even when cold. Electronic engine controls and fuel injection are wonders of technology. But hearing the engine start every time you lift off the break to creep forward is a minor attention grabber. You have to lift off the break completely to do that. That this feature grabs any attention at all, isn’t good.

No I wouldn’t buy this car, but that’s because it is too small to start with. Any car this size that has 4 doors needs to be re-thought.

Maybe a good car for some people, but not for me. YMMV

  1. This is pretty much the only reason I still take the car to the Audi dealer. They had my car for two and a half days. That would’ve been a long time to be without wheels. 

  2. Mercedes Benz coups don’t have one. Does that make it a “Minus B Pillar”? “B Minus Pillar”? 

The Other Zoom in My Life

The car went into the shop. Just got it back.

Audis want periodic maintenance every 10,000 miles starting at 5,000. It had its 145,000 mile checkup early last year. It’s only at 148,000 now, but it’s been a year, and it was bugging me with messages on the dash about it. At the very least, it needed an oil change.

But I also had a list of other things I wanted done to it.

The brakes were squealing, REALLY LOUDLY, the first two stops after it has sat for more than one day. I didn’t think it was down to the squealers in the break pads, but it was so loud it was kinda embarrassing1.

It needed to be aligned, it was pulling right a little bit. The battery is 5 years old, so I had them give me a new one. While they had it up on the lift to look at the breaks I had them rotate the tires.

They basically did a normal 10,000 mile checkup. They also did filters and fluids2. I had them replace the batteries in the key fobs, since one of them was dead. And it was time for brake fluid, which was the most expensive single item on the list.

I dropped the car off on Wednesay morning. They called me that afternoon to get the go-ahead on the work. They tried to sell me on doing a complete brake pad replacement, but I declined.

The dude called me at 5:56 Thursday to tell me my car was done. The service department closed just 4 minutes later. I picked it up on Friday afternoon.

They forgot to replace the batteries in the key fobs, so I’ll have to do that myself.

  1. When you come to a complete, full-squeal, stop and the joggers all turn to look at you, you kinda feel like you’re driving some clapped-out jalopy. 

  2. I own a bottle of windshield washer fluid. Have for 4 or 5 years. It is still unopened.