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Betty White

Like pretty much everyone in this Great Nation that have souls, one of my favorite celebrities of all time was Betty White. This James Cordon tribute is the one that actually got me to tear up.

Best COVID Update

This is the COVID reporting we need:

All The Science You Need To Make Your COVID-19 Decisions

They’re tracking the research so we don’t have to.

Apple TV Apps Sound but no Video

For Christmas my sweetie got me a year of the Criterion Channel app. It’s a collection of classic movies, many of them from way way way back. I installed the app on the Apple TV, and did all the sign up and sign in.

When a movie was played, nothing happened. It just sat and showed the loading spinner for as long as you wanted to watch it.

Then we noticed that the Vudu app would play movies, but with only sound, no picture. This had been working as recently as a month earlier.

I decided I was going to re-up HBO MAX to see what was new there, and because new Warner Brothers movie releases are available there same time as they are in the theater.1 It would not load movies, it just showed the TV rating over and over.

On further checking, Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube all worked. Amazon Prime Video didn’t. Apple TV and Movies worked too.

I was pretty sure that this wasn’t an Apple TV problem, because it worked with some stuff. But there was a pattern somewhere, and I don’t know enough about how these apps are all coded, and interact with the TV, to figure it out.

Letting my fingers do the walking thru some searches came up with very little. There was mention of re-installing the app. Restarting or resetting the Apple TV itself. Change HDMI ports. HDMI cables. But I found no examples of exactly what I had going on with a definitive fix.

I decided to work thru all the things I found, before I called an Apple Genius to see if they could help. I’d already done restarts, resets, and re-installs. Switched HDMI ports on the TV. I went out and got myself some sure-to-be-good-enough (8K) HDMI cables and plugged them in between the Apple TV and the receiver, and the receiver and the TV.

And holy crappoly, new HDMI cables fixed it.

I totally didn’t expect cables to fix this; I was just being thorough. I figured a bad cable would be bad for all the apps, not just some of them. But I guess not. My Apple TV is capable of 4K but the receiver and TV aren’t. I did replace the Apple TV a while back, and all this may have started then. Maybe there’s a new HDCP scheme for 4K and up TVs or something and the cables have to be part of the deal.

I dunno.

On futher reflection tho, this does make a certain kind of sense. I have cables currently in use on and around on my desk that might date from living on 29th Street in New York city, around 15 years ago, when Cat3 ethernet cable was the new expensive thing2. I’ve been working to replace these over time, but I need to get a couple more things in place before I tear down my desk and re-do all of it. It shouldn’t therefore surprise me that there are cable problems here.

  1. Specifically the new Matrix movie. I thought they had Dune too, but I was wrong. I thought there might be more, but they’re probably in all the crappy super hero titles. 

  2. I think we’re up to Cat6a now for 10G ethernet. 

Review: The Road to Sesame Street

We watched The Road To Sesame Street on HBO MAX tonight, while waiting for the new year. It was like reliving our childhoods.

It was well done, and told the story in an engaging way. They discussed the death of Will Lee, who played Mr. Hooper, and even showed the segment they did to talk about death. This was a landmark thing.

It destroyed both of us. When it was over, we had to pause the video, and go get drinks. Catch our breaths. Blow our noses. All the while muttering about “those fuckers…”

The death of Jim Henson was covered too, but Sesame Street itself didn’t deal with it.

It was good, and we’re glad we watched it.

SFP+ modules have A Speed

Question answered. No, I don’t expect many to understand this. I don’t care. You can look it up if you want, but it won’t be interesting, unless you are a networking wonk. If you are a network wonk, then you probably already knew this.

Copper RJ45 SFP modules have A Speed.

Put a 10G SFP+ module into an SFP+ cage, and it will not connect to your router that can only do 1G.

Put a 1G SFP module into an SFP+ cage, and it will work, and connect to your router than can only do 1G.

Lesson learned.

A Good Summary of Desktop Linux

Ubuntu 10.04 came out yesterday. It’s probably the best desktop Linux distro out there, which is about as prestigious as being the best Yugoslavian car company.

From “Ubuntu Annoyances” by Geoff Greer 30 Apr 2010.

Admittedly, this post is over 10 years out of date now.

You have to have lived thru the age when the Yugo, “the worse car in history”, and Yugoslavia, where it was made, were both still things.

I did live thru those times, and I find this quote funny. I find the state of desktop Linux to be unchanged even a little bit since 2010.

Happy Thanksgiving -- 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Review: Jungle Cruise (2021)

Didn’t like it.

Who knew Emily Blunt could play such an unlikable character. Who knew Dwayne Johnson could be so unbelievable as a steamboat captain. Who knew Jesse Plemons could be such an unthreatening villain. Jack Whitehall did his best as an English fop, but just couldn’t make it work when dropped into the middle of the rest of the cast. Who knew Disney could CGI up such an unconvincing jaguar.

The secondary characters were all much better. Paul Giamati turned in his normal high-quality performance in his role. As did Édgar Ramirez and the rest of the bad guys. I liked the touch of making (most) of the Spanish conquistadors actually played by Spanish actors. Nice touch that.

The story and plot were crap.

Look, I realize this is a kids movie. But that’s a bad reason to make a shitty movie.


It is 27 degrees fahrenheit where I am in North Carolina.

Feels like winter.

Review: Old Henry (2021)

Starts slow. Pretty good once things pick up. Has an interesting twist at the end.

Review: Red Notice (2021)

Not a good movie.

I wanted to like it. Who doesn’t like Ryan Renolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot? But I couldn’t.

For starters, the CGI looked startlingly fake. I mean, this was supposedly the most expensive movie that Netflix has picked up at $200 Million. But this is a legitimate “where did they spend that money?” movie. If they actually did spend the money on CGI, they got ripped off.

The story is lame. It didn’t have to be. But it is. All the story beats where telegraphed way ahead of time, and the leads did not work very hard to sell any of their parts.

It was just kind of a mediocre plod, all the way thru.

Rah Rah Rah!!!

Got a COVID booster shot today. My doctor was so worried that I get one that she gave me a prescription for a Moderna shot. Sadly, I didn’t get around to using it before everyone was just generally eligible. That I had a prescription still makes me smile.

“Are you eligible for a booster?”

“Doesn’t matter, I have a prescription!”

I got the original two Moderna shots on a Thursday. That night, and all day Friday my arm was really sore around the injection site. Then Saturday and Sunday I was so fatigued I could hardly get out of bed. I was back to normal on Monday again.

This time, it’s Friday. So far, nothing at all, but it’s still early. We shall see.

Saturday Update: My arm hurts.