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Wook Posts to LinkedIn For Apparently the First Time

I posted about the whole Cloudflare thing on LinkedIn.

According to the email I got it was my first LinkedIn post ever.

Seth McFarland's "The Orville"

I’ve talked about Seth McFarlane’s “The Orville” before. On Twitter maybe. Or Facebook for that brief time I was back on it. I thought I posted about it here, but can’t find it if I did.

I watched the first two seasons of it… on some streaming service.

IMHO, it is the one true spiritual successor of the original Star Trek. The Orville is far more of what ST:TOS was than any of the successor Star Trek shows. Next Gen, DS 9, Voyager, Enterprise, none of them ever lived up to the original series.

Let’s not talk about the idiocy that is Star Trek: Discovery. “Oh boo hoo, this spore drive thing needs a giant water bear to operate but the water bear gets hurt by it.” Should have been called Star Trek: Trite. I didn’t make it thru the first season, and have no desire to try again.

Anyway, The Orville started as a completely comedy series, but elevated itself into pretty serious speculative fiction pretty quickly. The season 1 episode “Majority Rule”, about an absolute democracy, was dark as hell.

The Orville had two seasons on Fox. Season three has just been announced:

Can’t wait.

New WASD Keyboard

The new keyboard:

Black keyboard with blue alpha keys

I had a WASD Code keyboard on my work computer. Then one day I poured a glass of water into it. Despite knowing for sure that water should’t hurt a keyboard, I dried it out over time, and plugged it back in. It worked, but was wonky. The backlight never worked again. Sometimes, it got confused and keys wouldn’t work or would repeat until it was unplugged.

I replaced it with a DasKeyboard Model S Pro for Mac.

Long story short: I hate that keyboard. My hate was pretty much instant when I first started typing on it. This surprised me, because I have a Das 4 Pro for Mac on my personal machine and I love it.

The S Pro is plastic where the 4 Pro is metal. I don’t think this should be a problem. The old WASD was plastic too. One of the first things I noticed tho, is that it seems like the keys don’t stick up out of the S Pro as high as they do out of the 4 Pro.

So I went looking for a replacement.

I’m totally into mechanical keyboards these days, but mechanical keyboards that work well with Macs are not as easy to find as they could be. Not that a Mac can’t use any old keyboard. It can. Non-Mac keyboards have the option and meta (command) keys in the wrong place and that’s really annoying to someone that’s been using the correct layout since 1986 or so. The original WASD I had had dip switches to switch them between the two formats.

I can’t tell you what the research process was, because I did a lot of looking over a lot of time. In the end, I decided not to go with another Das 4 Pro because while I like it overall, I don’t like that it doesn’t have as much slope to it as I’m used to.

In some of my searches lead me back to WASD keyboards. Again, I’m not sure how or why. But not the CODE keyboard I’m replacing. That keyboard was high-profile and I like a little bit more rake to the keys. One of my searches led to the WASD Mac Retro by Deep Creative 104-key V3 Custom. Yes, it looks like a regular WASD 104-key V3 keyboard, but it has Mac symbols on the keys, and it costs the same. So what the hell, I went for it.

WASD lets you customize the keyboards, and I really like the dark blue on black color scheme. I like Cherry MX Blue keys, which feel nice to type on but can be loud as hell. I also had them put rubber rings on the keys to make them quieter. Oddly, I like the effect of the rings on the alpha keys, but not as much on the control keys like Enter, which have a much different feel.



Cloudflare has Pages. Much like Github has Pages.

Cloudflare pages load out of git repositories. I’d still need Github for the git repo. But Cloudflare reads the repo and does the build and caches it. It wouldn’t be Github doing the serving of the actual pages to be cached by Cloudflare.

Worth thinking about.

...And Then I Flu Home

Got my flu shot on Monday.

Up until now, I mostly didn’t get it, because I didn’t think I needed it. I was “young” for certain values of young, and figured I wasn’t in danger.

I’m getting older. Every year I’m more and more in the crosshairs of people that can get sick enough to die from the flu. There is no age at which it goes entirely from “won’t die if you do catch the flue” to “you will totally die if you catch the flu”. It creeps up on you. It would suck to have lived thru These Times, and then die of the flu just when things were turning around again.

All in on Cloudflare

Okay, Cloudflare has won me over. It has been a slow process, but today I decided to move as much of my online presence to Cloudflare as I can.



I’ve used Cloudflare tools that I’ve liked. They don’t trip my privacy wonk senses. They are in way better shape than my current domain registry appears to be. Cloudflare seems to have me covered in what I need to be “on the internet”.

Firstly, any company that uses Lava Lamps for anything “real” gets my respect. Cloudflare uses a wall of Lava Lamps to create encryption keys. That is an amazingly good idea for generating random numbers. In fact a genius idea.

There is a practice in the internet world where if you type in an incorrect name of a website, instead of saying “doesn’t exist”, your internet provider will instead send you to a page with ads on it. There are also internet crime attacks that can be carried out in part by fucking with DNS servers on the internet. These attacks are sophisticated, and require expertise to prevent.

Google, being a general internet good guy created Google Public DNS, with an easy-to-remember internet address of Google DNS is my default DNS on Google Fiber. They created an overall fast DNS service, that replies honestly, and they protect it from becoming an attack vector.

But Google tracks everything and remembers it all. They track you for their advertising business. This gives me a mild case of the creeps from a privacy perspective. I don’t have time to dive into this to figure out how transparent they are about this. I just decided to avoid it.

Along came Cloudflare’s service. Another DNS server, and another easy-to-remember address. They state up front that they do not track access, and your browsing is private. This is also tied in with WARP+, their VPN service. I use WARP+ on my iPhone and iPad, and so far it has been bulletproof over the last year or two.

While working on my Kubernetes thing, I ran into and used Cloudflare’s cfssl tool. Much simpler and user-friendly than openssl. A tool they created internally, and then shared with the world because that’s what being a good internet citizen looks like.

I registered my domains via a company called Superb Internet. I used them because they were the first webhosting service I ever used. I moved to a cheaper one that didn’t work, and another cheaper one that may have worked if I’d been able to figure out their horrible management interface. Neither of those other two companies ever got email right for my domains. I went back to Superb.

But recently, Superb was acquired by CherryRoad Technologies. I don’t know anything about CherryRoad. What I do know is that suddenly I started getting bombed with “you must update your credit card details” emails every day. I mean: Every. Goddamn. Day. I opened a support ticket and told them I’d update my credit card when I was going to spend some money with them and not sooner, so please stop spamming me. Their response: “No, give us your credit card details”.

Fuck them.

Plus, the Suberb management tool, called MyCP, hasn’t been updated hardly at all since it came out in 2005. The DNS editing tool is a horror to use. All leading one to believe that no money is being spent. Indicates to me a company in decline. Time to move on.

Tonight, I noticed that Cloudflare has a free account for doing content delivery for personal, small, web sites. So I signed up. In a day or two, once the DNS swings over to the Cloudflare servers, this site will be coming at you from wherever Cloudflare’s servers are, which is all over the place.

I also noticed that Cloudflare has a “no markup” DNS registry. Since Cloudflare is probably in way better shape than Superb, I figure I’ll move my domains while I’m at it.

I host this website in GitHub Pages. Cloudflare also has a Cloudflare Pages. I probably won’t make this switch, because GH pages are based on Jekyll behind the scenes. To move to CF Pages would involve building the Jekyll rendering step myself, which I don’t really want to spend time on right now.

It is also just nice to have everything in one place, as much as possible.


“I don’t like the term heaven. It implies we can’t make this earth, this present, into a wonderful place. That humans only deserve it after death—and only if we follow some predetermined set of rules. I think the act of striving for an idea instead of living it is ridiculous.”

Excerpt From: “Reset.” by Sarina Dahlan

When Doves Cry About When Doves Cry

Yeah, so Nonpoint’s cover of Prince’sWhen Doves Cry” is a nice effort, and is an instance of thinking outside that box I have to applaud. This is right up there with Disturbed doing “The Sound of Silence”, which is genius and worked oh so well.

I think there are definitely bands that could make really interesting covers of this song.

Nonpoint’s version just didn’t do it for me tho. I want to like it, I just can’t.

Okay, I Think I'll Be Okay Now

I’m just gonna leave this here:

A Random Day in May

Happy maternal emotional blackmail for corporate profit day.

Lockdown Day 5812

Today I used a rolled up magazine to kill what turned out to be an almond on the dining room carpet. It felt really good anyway.

Wow, Snow Again

Seen on internal work Slack channel today:

Person 1: Wow, snow again.
Person 1: How’s this possible?
Person 2: Cold + precipitation?
Person 1: Phenomena explained then. Thanks. Carry on.

For reference person 1 is in central Oregon.